Sale/Auction for Breeding Stock

8 January 2017

The Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) will organise two horse sales/auctions as detailed below: 

  1. A Sale for Breeding Stock, Foals and Yearlings, intended for racing: The final number of lots to be exhibited at the Sale shall be determined based on the entries and QREC’s capacity to accommodate the horses to be exhibited in the Sale. The Sale will be held at QREC at 04:00 pm on Friday, 03 February 2017. The original owner (vendor) of the lots to be exhibited and/or sold in the Sale shall be solely and fully responsible for moving their horses, on the same day, from the premises of QREC whether or not they have been sold.
  1. A Sale for Racehorses stabled at QREC: The Sale will be held at QREC at 04:00 pm on Saturday, 04 February 2017. Sold lots will remain at QREC stables until they are collected by the new owner (purchaser) not later than five (5) days from the date of the Sale for local purchasers and fourteen (14) days for purchasers from outside Qatar. However, if sold lots remain at QREC stables beyond such time limits, QR 2,000 (Qatar Riyals Two Thousand) shall be deducted from the purchaser per day of delay and no exceptions shall be allowed in this respect.

Please, note that entries for the above sales will be open with effect from Sunday, 08 January 2017 to Sunday 15 January 2017 and no entry application shall be accepted after that.

Important Notes:

  1. No lot will be exhibited unless it has been subjected to a strangles test to be performed by the Livestock Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the owner has submitted the official certificate/result of such test as issued by the Livestock Department. The QREC Vet Team will be ready provide the necessary information and guidance in relation to the procedures of the aforementioned test.
  2. No lot will be exhibited unless it meets the health requirements as assessed by the competent vet appointed by QREC.
  3. QREC will not bear any responsibility towards any vendor or purchaser for any procedure related to the Sale as QREC’s responsibility is limited to the organisation of sale only.
  4. QREC will not bear any responsibility for any dispute, which may arise between the original owner (vendor) and the new owner (purchaser). The conditions of the Sale shall apply to any disputes.
  5. Entry Fees: QR 500 (Qatar Riyals Five Hundred) per lot.
  6. Deposit to be paid by a purchaser: QR 20,000 (Qatar Riyals Twenty Thousand).


Best wishes.


Sarah Saleh M. SH Al Kuwari

Head of Horse Registry